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Orexo US, Inc.

The United States of America

Orexo US Inc.
150 Headquarters Plaza
East Tower
Morristown, New Jersey 07960
United States

Phone: 1-855-982-7658

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Medical Contacts

If you have a medical emergency, you should immediately call 911.

Medical Inquiries

For more information for ZUBSOLV® call toll free number 1-855-982-7658.

Adverse Events

In the United States:

To report an Adverse Event related to ZUBSOLV® call toll free number 1-855-982-7658. 

If you prefer, you may contact the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) directly at (link is external) or call 1-800-1088.

Product Complaints

For product complaints related to ZUBSOLV® call toll free number 1-855-982-7658.



Orexo AB
P.O. Box 303
751 05 Uppsala

Phone: 46-18-780-88-00
Fax: 46-18-780-88-88

VAT No. 


Visiting address

Rapsgatan 7e, Uppsala, Sweden

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